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Šibenik riviera is located in central Dalmatia and covers the area of 2939km 2 which encompasses 5 towns: Šibenik, Drniš, Knin, Skradin and Vodice. The area of the Riviera is physically divided into two parts by the cut in canyon of the rivers Krka i Čikola as well as the Prokuljan lake and Šibenik canal. The river Krka is at the same time the link that has always connected the north and central Dalmatia into a single whole – Šibenik riviera.

The city of Šibenik, with its 42000 inhabitants is the municipal centre characterised by its unique setting on the hills on the northern side of a very picturesque and wide bay at the mouth of the river Krka connected to the sea with St Anthony canal.
Šibenik was founded by Croats more than 1000 years ago, and is therefore the oldest autochthonous Croatian city on the east Adriatic coast. The city of Šibenik is located on significant traffic routes and good traffic connections enable direct communication. The most important road is the Adriatic tourist road with branching roads to Drniš (33km), Knin (55km) and the interior of Cratia. Other important traffic route is railway route to Zagreb and Split . Airtraffic goes over the ‘' Split '' airport in Kaštela (45km) and airport Zemunik about 50 km away from Šibenik.

Vodice are widely known for their tourist offer, entertainment and hospitable locals. The harmonly of old dalmatian houses and narrow streets are a unique experience. A baroque parish church, built in 1746, is situated in the centre of the town. Vodice are today a modern tourist place with around 5000 inhabitants and numerous restaurants, cafés, wine cellars, ice-cream shops, souvenir shops and snack bars.

National Parks of the Šibenik riviera, NP Krka and NP Kornati make Šibenik riviera an especially attractive tourist destination. Due to a large number of islands, especially in the NP Kornati nautical tourism has developed. There are 9 marines on the area of the riviera today.

National Park Krka encompasses the area around the river Krka which springs three kilometres north-east of Knin, flows through a deep and picturesque canyon, 75 km in length and creates noisy waterfalls – Krčić, Risnjak, Miljacka, Roški slap (26). The famous Skradinski buk (Krka Waterfalls 46 m) ist the biggest limestone barrier in Europe . The Lower Krka flows through Prokuljansko jezero, flows into 9 kilometers long Šibenik bay. Two cultural-historical monuments are of some importance in the National Park Krka: the Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac and Krka monastery, and of a whole array of picturesque places, the most interesting is Skradin, a small town protected as a cultural monument.

National Park Kornati is one of the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean . A unique combination of 150 islands, islets and rocks strewed over the central part of Adriatic sea is the bluest part of Adriatic sea where the colour of the Kornati sea becomes prominent when contrasted to the white rocky country of the islands. Because of its remarkably clear sea, plenty of sun, numerous coves, bays and small harbours, Kornati are an unavoidable destination for boaters on their wanderings in the Adriatic and a good choice for modern robinsons. In NP Kornati the most beautiful part od Croatian Adriatic is being protected since 1980. Borders of the National Park also include two thirds of the island group known under a common name – Kornati.

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